Executive Board


Farah Arabi
Year: 4th Year

Major: Computer Engineering
Email: uciphirho.president@gmail.com

I joined Phi Rho during the winter quarter of my freshman year, and it was one of the best decisions of my college life. I have never felt as welcomed and belonging to a community as much as I did in Phi Sigma Rho. As for my academics, my studies are a high priority and I am an active undergraduate member of the UCI engineering research community. After graduation, I hope to continue graduate school in Robotics. When I’m not busy with research or studies, I enjoy painting, traveling, playing the piano and basketball. Phi Rho has played a huge role in motivating me and supporting my aspirations, and I am grateful for all that it has given me. 


Executive Vice President

Gabriela Ruiz
Year: 4th Year
Major: Civil Engineering
Email: uciphirho.evp@gmail.com

I was born and raised in Venezuela, so my culture is very important to me. I never thought about joining a sorority, but once I met my sisters I knew I wanted to be a part of Phi Rho. I'd loved it ever since. If I'm not studying or sleeping, I'm probably hanging out with my sisters or friends, since I tend to never be at home. I love going to places and having new experiences. In Phi Rho, every quarter is a new adventure. As Executive Vice President, I'm really excited for this year and meeting everybody!


Vice President of Communications

Mai Yang
Year: 4th Year
Major: Material Science and Engineering
Email: uciphirho.secretary@gmail.com

I joined Phi Sigma Rho during my second year because the very first recruitment event I went to, everyone was so welcoming. I knew from there that I would want to be a part of this sorority because they had people who knew how to laugh, comfort, and enjoy life when those STEM classes became too much to handle. I am a person who enjoys the little things, so being around Phi Rho was always nice. If I am not with Phi Rho, you would find me at home crafting DIY projects or outside enjoying nature. Phi Rho has given me many opportunities professionally and academically, which is why I chose to give back by taking on the role of VP of Communications. I am excited for this position, and hope to do it well!


Vice President of Finance

Swetha Sampath
Year: 3rd year
Major: Computer Science
Email: uciphirho.treasurer@gmail.com

Hi! I'm Swetha and I'm currently the VP of Finance. I'm a third year computer science major with a minor in management. I really enjoy computer science especially coding because you get to do a lot of cool things. I chose management as my minor because I've always been interested in business and people and how it all works. I joined Phi Rho last year in fall quarter with a friend. At first, I had no intention of ever joining a sorority but once I met the girls, I knew it was where I belonged. I've made a lot of great memories at Phi Rho and I'm excited to make some more!


Vice Presidents of Public Relations

Melinda Pham
Year: 3rd year
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Email: uciphirho.social@gmail.com

I came to UCI as an out-of-state student and a commuter so naturally, I was nervous about not making friends outside of the classroom. I never thought much about joining a sorority in high school, but by the end of my senior year, I figured that rushing for one would be quite an experience. After deciding Formal Rush wouldn’t be the best route for me to take, my PharmSci mentor introduced me to Phi Rho. I fell in love with its values and the wonderful women that I met by the end of the recruitment week. Since then, I had sisters to support me and encourage me throughout good and bad times. Throughout my time as a Phi Rho I have enjoyed having jam sessions, baking, and simply just hanging out with my sisters. As one of the Vice Presidents of Public Relations, I’m looking forward to meeting new people and expanding our name on campus- both academically and in Greek Life!


Taylor Levee
Year: 3rd year
Major: Biological Sciences
Email: uciphirho.social@gmail.com

I joined Phi Rho my freshmen year because I needed passion to drive my education. Phi Sigma Rho has done so much for me, I'm happier, my GPA is better and I developed forever friendships. Picking my major was as easy as joining Phi Rho. Biology has always been a love of mine. When my grades started looking up I decided it was my turn to give something back to Phi Rho. I'm the VP of Public Relations and I help organize social aspects that expand and bond us.


Vice Presidents of Recruitment

Brooklynn Flynn
Year: 3rd year
Major: Math
Email: uciphirho.recruit@gmail.com

I am a third year Math major at UCI specializing in Mathematical Biology. I joined Phi Sigma Rho for experience in leadership and a sisterhood of women in STEM classes.


Lourdes Maldonado
Year: 3rd year
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Email: uciphirho.recruit@gmail.com

I was born and raised in Riverside County, California and moved to Orange County to attend UCI. I come from a big family and have six siblings so I'm glad I joined Phi Rho to have a family away from home. I joined the Fall of 2016 and I'm excited for what lies ahead. When I'm not hanging out with friends or eating, I'm studying. I'm really outgoing and always love a good time. I'd like like to think I'm pretty, funny and semi-sarcastic.


Vice President of Membership Education

Alice Li
Year: 4th year
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Email: uciphirho.memed@gmail.com

With a small female to male ratio in STEM classes, I had always found myself around guys, and realized it was time to meet more women in this male-dominated field. I joined Phi Sigma Rho as a second year transfer, and am really grateful that I did! It has been enriching to meet so many girls of different backgrounds. In my free time, I enjoy working out, playing the guitar and piano, and with more time to spare, hiking and camping. As VP of Membership Education, I'm ready to continue creating and nurturing long lasting friendships with my sisters!