Executive Board


Melinda Pham

Year: 3rd Year

Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Email: uciphirho.president@gmail.com

I joined Phi Sigma Rho Fall 2015 as an out-of-state freshman. Since my parents moved with me, I lived with them and commuted. Naturally, I was nervous about not making friends outside of the classroom. I never thought much about joining a sorority in high school, but by the end of my senior year, I figured that rushing for one would be quite an experience. After deciding Formal Rush wouldn’t be the best route for me to take, my PharmSci mentor introduced me to Phi Rho. I fell in love with its values and the wonderful women that I met by the end of the recruitment week. Since then, I have had sisters to support me and encourage me throughout good and bad times. I know that I will always have sisters to cry and laugh with. I am proud to say that I love my sorority- not just because of our values, but because of the inspiring and powerful sisters that make it so. 



Executive Vice President

Kimberly Cervantes

Year: 4th Year
Major: Civil Engineering
Email: uciphirho.evp@gmail.com

The best decision I had made in college was joining Phi Sigma Rho my freshman year. I can tell you that it is not just four years, it’s for life. I learned so many things that changed me for the better. I met a lot career driven women,and gave me the drive to continue until  I reach my goals. I felt the sisterhood, and I decided this was something I wanted to be part of.  A little about me: I am a foodie and I love going to Disneyland. My favorite ride is It a Small World. Also, I like going out to snapchat worthy desserts, or meals, and I watch a lot of Netflix. My favorite show is Criminal Minds, so much I re-watch the series .My favorite Disney movies are Sleeping Beauty and Frozen. 



Vice President of Communications

Winona Lisuallo
Year: 3rd Year
Major: Informatics
Email: uciphirho.secretary@gmail.com

Joining Phi Sigma Rho was a brave decision—not because I was afraid of the stigma sororities carry, but rather unsure of whether it would really hold value to me. In all the clubs and organisations I engaged in on campus, I couldn’t find the time or dedication to stay for longer than a quarter, and I knew I couldn’t just give half my heart to a group of girls who were kind and bright. I had to be sure before I tested the waters; I have a habit of accepting proposals before I could be completely sure. But particpating in recruitment events led me to a definitive answer: I won’t half-heartedly engage in the sorority. I can’t, not when these girls welcomed me so warmly. The girls of Phi Sigma Rho has shown me a home away from home when I needed it most, has given me love and affection and comfort. They became my role models and the ones I trust most—people I don’t dare call friends because family is a better word. Phi Sigma Rho is a blessing; and I thank God everyday for allowing me to meet such wonderful girls in my lifetime.



Vice President of Finance

Finita Monge
Year: 4th Year
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Email: uciphirho.treasurer@gmail.com

Hello my name is Finita Monge and I am a transfer student studying Aerospace Engineering. I joined Phi Sigma Rho during the fall quarter of my second year at UC Irvine. As a transfer student it can be hard to accustom yourself to a new university but I did make a few friends my first year which made the transition a lot better. Those friends were the ones who introduced me to the sorority since they were already actives. I never thought I would join a sorority but I felt like I really connected with all the values that Phi Rho promoted. I'm really glad I rushed I feel at home with my sisters of Phi Sigma Rho.



Vice Presidents of Public Relations

Mikayla Minton
Year: 2nd Year
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Email: uciphirho.social@gmail.com

Hello! I am currently a second year Mechanical Engineering student, with a minor in Computer Science.

A few random facts about me:
I'm an LA County native and a SoCal enthusiast (I love the beach!!).
Music is my escape - I play the guitar and am a concert junkie.
I like to paint and am recently getting into watercolor.

In terms of Phi Rho, I joined just this past fall. Before joining, most of my friends were guys and I often felt that I was missing out on the typical "girlfriends" experience...but as I walked away from the first fall recruitment event, I knew that Phi Rho could not only be that experience for me, but so much more. I have truly found a group of sisters who sincerely love and support me. I am so excited to be serving on the 2018 Executive Board and I look forward to the many memories to come!


Kimberly Uhls

Year: 2nd year
Major: Chemical Engineering
Email: uciphirho.social@gmail.com


Hi! I am a second year Chemical Engineering major from Menifee, California and I am the Co Vice President of Public Relations. I joined Phi Rho in Fall 2017, and it was hands down the best decision I have made in the short time I have been at UCI. It is truly a blessing to be surrounded by amazing women who are just as passionate about science and engineering as I am. Here are a few fun facts about me: when I'm not studying or sleeping, I like to eat chocolate and practice hand lettering or calligraphy. I tend to spend most of my money on concert tickets because I absolutely love music. Lastly, even though I am allergic to dogs, they are my favorite domestic animal. Overall, I am an outgoing person with a passion to serve, and I am extremely excited to be on Executive Board for 2018! Zot zot zot!



Vice President of Recruitment

Marah Abu Khalaf

Year: 4th Year
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Email: uciphirho.recruit@gmail.com

Hello! I am a transfer student who joined Phi Sigma Rho in my first week at UCI in the Fall of 2016. Transfer students usually have a bit of a harder time melding into the campus and the UCI community, so I looked for a campus org to join. At first, I had been worried to rush a sorority since I did not know what that would entail, but after I met with Phi Rhos, all that worry went away because they made me feel at home from the get go. Now, I cannot imagine myself without having my sisters by my side, whether through the highs or lows of my college experience. 



Vice President of Membership Education

Karena Diep

Year: 2nd Year
Major: Civil Engineering
Email: uciphirho.memed@gmail.com

I joined Phi Sigma Rho my first quarter of freshman year at UCI, and it ended up being one of the best decisions I could have made.  I am a commuter, so initially, I was worried about being able to make close friends who I could take on my journey through college.  Joining Phi Sigma Rho has brought me so many close friends who I hold dear to my heart, and I could not imagine going through this once in a lifetime experience without them.  Whether we are fangirling about BTS together, eating together, or talking together, we always have the best time.  Being in Phi Rho truly feels like a home away from home.